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Pokerface - chapter 5

Phew!  What a day!  10 hours of intense poker.  

I started off well, winning a few hands and bringing my chip count up from the initial 20,000 to as high as 30,000.  But then my luck turned and I lost three times in a row with great cards (AK, AQ, QQ) and this decimated my chips.  After 8 hours of play, I was down to about 5000 chips.  Then I had pocket jacks, waited for a flop with a 10 high, and went all-in.  A New Yorker with K-10 called and doubled me up.  This gave me a bit of breathing room as I was back up to 13,000.  I didn't win another hand after that though.  I folded 33 and 77 and it turned out to be a wise decision - the way the cards fell I would've been out.  A lot of players will push all-in when they are short stacked and have a pocket pair.  I'd rather wait for AA.  

Speaking of AA, where is mine?  I've seen it at the table enough but never in my hand.  It really is better to be lucky than good, isn't it?  The only reason I am still alive in the tourney is the skill factor.  Next time, I hope the luck factor finally kicks into gear.  My next day of play is Wednesday which means I have more time to chill by the pool and enjoy the jacuzzis in the spa.  Tonight there is a private Pokerstars party at the Rain club here at the Palms.   Should be interesting and a great chance to see the poker greats.

The blinds when I go back are 250/500, ante 50.  You can't play for long if you don't win a hand as this will eat up the short stacks in no time.  Next hand I play will be all-in so it had better start good and stay good.

I'm happy to make it to day 2 of the tournament.  Many didn't, they were dropping like flies the last 4 hours of day 1.  It's hard not to get impatient and make rash decisions when you are tired and getting bullied by the big chip stacks at your table.  If you are interested in seeing the sharks at my day 1 table, check it out here. 

I've still got a chip and a chair and I know anything can happen.  I've seen some great comebacks at my table and I know it can/will happen to me also.  Just give me those aces!!!

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