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I was pretty excited when I heard KISS was coming to Victoria.  I've been a fan of their music for a long time and they were the first big concert I ever saw, during the Hot In The Shade Tour of 1990.  I'd never seen anything like it.  They had a floor to ceiling Sphinx and all kinds of special effects and pyrotechnics.   I left that concert completely hoarse and my ears were ringing for days.  I was awestruck.

There was never a question that I was taking my wife to see KISS in Victoria.  My wife wasn't so sure.  She didn't know much about KISS music, or so she thought.  I told her she would be surprised how many songs she knew - and I was right.  

My wife and I hate sitting at concerts - or more to the point - hate the complaints from those sitting behind you when you stand up to dance along to a good song.  So we've been buying floor tickets for years to enjoy the ability to stand up, dance around, shove our way to the stage if we want, etc.  My wife is short but most bands have great visual displays so she doesn't miss the action.  I knew this concert would sell out quickly so I joined the KISS Army (fan club) to take advantage of the early sales and ensure I would get the coveted floor tickets.  

We arrived at the arena and stood in the long line to get in, soaking up the KISS culture and fans with great makeup.  Once inside, half hour later, we waited in separate line ups for T-shirts and beer while the opening band was playing.  It amazes me how inefficient the service is at this and any venue I have been too.  45 minutes for a beer!  Come on!  Anway, we got our T-shirts and drinks just in time to see the last song of the opening act.  

I was really unhappy to see the seats on the floor.  I had no idea.  But this was replaced with sheer bliss when I looked at my tickets and saw Row 1, Seats 40 & 41.  Front row, just off the to right of the stage.  We couldn't ask for anything better.  We were right up at the front and no one was pushing us around.  Awesome!  No one expected us to sit in our chairs either.

Why is my leg getting wet?  What?  My beer is leaking!  I waited that long in line for a beer and it's leaking!  Had no choice but to guzzle it and go for another.  Another 45 minute line up that is...  Chatting with people around us in the line up, all worried we were going to miss the opening of the main act.  And we did, by a few minutes.  Managed to get back to the front for the last half of the first song.  But, seriously, how hard is it to pour and sell beer quickly.  Someone needs to put me in charge of this.  I just moved and managed to sell three properties during my move, I think I can handle a beer lineup.

I don't know how anyone could stay seated at a KISS concert.  Paul Stanley knows what I'm talking about.  Here's a video of him stopping near the end of Say Yeah and telling the crowd to stand up if they believe in Rock And Roll!

I remember back to that concert in 1990 and how Paul and Gene would throw guitar picks out into the audience.  That hasn't changed, picks were flying everywhere.  I looked at my wife as Paul Stanley was walking up to us and said "you have to get me a pick".  I love my wife for this, she pulled down the top of her dress and gave him something to shoot at.  He tried a few times, missing, and then sat down on the edge of the stage to keep trying.  I managed to catch a wayward pick but didn't let either of them know.   Keep shooting, Paul, this is golden.  He never did land one in the coveted cleavage but I still walked away with my momento.  

Apparently Paul was impressed with my wife.  They had a moment when I went for another beer.  He showed her his moves and that his tongue is nearly as good as Gene's.  

My wife is now a KISS fan.  She puts it best, "I've been KISS'd".

What a great band.  I'm so happy they came to Victoria.  Come back, anytime, and we'll Rock And Roll All Nite.

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