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It's just rude! (But I can't tell you how rude it is)

Ok.  For those of you that think REALTORS® have it so easy, read on...

A couple of days ago, I had a random call on one my listings.  The young lady on the phone wanted to see the house as soon as possible.  She was calling at 2pm but was unable to view it until 6pm.  I suggested 615pm.  I was fully booked already and was squeezing the viewing in between appointments at 5pm and 7pm.  

My 5pm appointment ran late and, like a fool, I locked my garage access fob in the car (parked in the garage).  At 555pm, I was frantically trying to sneak back into parking so I could get to my car and drive to the appointment.   Success!  I snuck in - thanks to someone not watching the gate as they drove in.  

I'm racing out to the viewing when I get a call at 6:00pm.  This time it's the boyfriend/husband of the random caller.  "Hi, we have an appointment at 6 o'clock.  Just wondering where you are?"  I reminded them that I said 6:15 and I was on my way.  He didn't sound impressed.  I don't think he believed me that 6:15 was the actual booked time.

I'm two minutes away from the house, on time at 6:13pm, when the guy calls back and, quite rudely, says not to bother as they're not interested.  Sigh...  Really?  I just drove a half hour out of my way and now you're not even going to have a peek.  No apologies for wasting my time, wasting the seller's time during dinner hour, nothing.

What does a guy say?  Nothing...  There's no point in getting angry.  Is this because the customer is always right?  No! But sometimes there is just no point.  

This isn't the first time.  At least this couple actually showed up to the house, albeit too early.  A couple of years ago, someone asked me to show a house at Latoria Walk in Colwood at 5pm on a Friday.  This is the worst possible time to travel to Colwood.  I lived in Gordon head and it took me one hour to get there.  He never showed up.  I called him and he said that he forgot about it.   No apologies offered.  Did I say anything?  No.  I just showed it to him on Sunday.  He didn't buy it and wasn't interested in working with an agent. 

I've been getting a lot of calls from buyers not working with REALTORS® lately.  They always want to see the property right away or within a few hours.  I have to drop everything and make it happen.  Of course I will still do it!  I want to sell the property first and foremost, but I also want to find new buying clients to work with.  The problem is most of the self shoppers are REALTOR® haters to begin with, or they just think we do nothing and we're unnecessary.  I'm probably not going to convert these people to future clients.  But there is still a chance they will fall in love with the property...

Here's the thing, if you make an appointment to see a property - show up and view it.  Better yet, drive by first!  Don't waste the time of the sellers and agents by showing up and knowing, without going in, that you don't want it.  There is no excuse.  It's just rude. 

My 7pm appointment was with sellers whose house I had sold in December.  I've been working with them as buyers.  They were so sweet and thankful for all that I had done so far.  It eased the sting.  

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